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Issues magazine is a resource for connecting, healing, and awakening that started in 1990 in Penticton, BC. Our mission is to provide inspiration and networking opportunities for the Conscious Community of BC. 25,000 copies are distributed freely in BC and AB. Angele Ortega is the publisher and now lives in the Kootenays with her husband Richard, together they run the Johnson's Landing Retreat Center. Issues Magazine sponsors the Spring Festival of Awareness and the Wise Women's Festival held at Johnson's Landing Retreat. Click the image to the right. To read Past Issues or my 26 year Musing blog see the top bar.

June, July, August & Sept 2016

Angele and Richard Ortega own and operate the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Centre, located 2 hours north of Nelson or 3 hours south of Revelstoke. Below are the 2016 festivals and summer retreats. Please click the cover that interests you or the labyrinth image to the right which will take you to the Johnson’s Landing website. The Kootenays is a great place for a holiday, even a working holiday as we often need volunteers, April to November, to help in the garden or kitchen prep.

Click on image to view or print.  The 2 images below are festivals hosted at Johnson’s Landings. Click to register and attend either the Johnson’s Landing Spring Festival or Wise Women’s Festival held at Johnson’s Landing. To see Wise Women’s Festival schedule please click image to the far right.

JLRC spring festival
JLRC summer program