We are NO longer publishing Issues Magazine.

Issues Magazine mission is to provide information and networking opportunities for the Holistic Health and Conscious Living Community. Within that mission our main focus is to get to know the people of this community. We like to hear inspiring stories of peoples’ healing or personal growth journeys. Not a biography, but a story that comes from their heart.

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Personal Articles

We feel that this is beneficial to our readers as it gives inspiration, encouragement and information for their own personal journey, knowing they are not alone. We like to hear how life has directed you in what you are doing in the Holistic Health or Personal Growth field. Your joys and sorrows; your triumphs and tribulations; your challenges and how you met and how you overcame them; the learning and insight you received from these experiences; how you applied this new understanding to your life and the shifts and changes that followed. We prefer 500 – 800 words, well written and does not contain any advertising.

Informational Articles with Ads

General in nature and not promotional information regarding products or services. We do not include phone numbers, dates, etc. in the article. We make exceptions for non-profit societies and for issues we feel are important to humanity. We have found it necessary to limit the size of these articles according to the size of your ad, and allow up to 800 words. Your article is an opportunity for people to get to know your product or service. Your ad tells them the specifics on how to contact you. If your article promotes a specific product or service please see the next category…Profiles.


Contains promotional material including your phone number, address, e-mail, website, dates, etc. One third of the profile may be a display ad. Choice of half, third or full page. Cost is between $300 to $500.

Please Note:

Email: or call 250-366-4402 if you want to chat about something.