1989 to 1992

The Beginning (Feb 1990)

In May of 1989 I chatted with Samaya of Shared Vision and she allowed me to buy 2 pages of the July magazine and in return I would get 5,000 copies to distribute around the Okanagan rar 압축풀기 다운로드. Two months latter I sold enough ads to buy 8 pages which continued for December. That fall as I went for my walk in the hills, I had heard a voice that said I was too start my own own magazine and title it Issues 시그널 5회 다운로드. The next day the voice spoke again and said I was to write an article and call it Musing. Below is my original article, now called a blog since it is on the net 강식당2 4회 다운로드. I looked up the word muse in the dictionary and it means to meditate in silence; think deeply; dream. My column will be to share with […Read More]

Food From the Creek (Apr 1990)

The first cover showed Dad doing the laundry with my youngest brother Don helping out. (This photo is featured again with more details in 1993) I didn’t mention what was happening as I assumed everyone knew who it was and what they were doing watchface. I did not even bother putting a date on the cover because everyone should know what month it was. By the third edition I was clued in by a variety of friends and advertisers Download amiucp. I wasn’t too sure how long Issues would continue to be supported or if I could learn the computer well enough. I had traded in my UIC for a Community Futures grant for one year Don’t love us download. My son’s friends set me up with a computer and some training and I sat staring at the screen figuring out how to make boxes so they looked like ads […Read More]

Berry Picking (Jun 1990)

Summer always reminds me of berry picking and on the cover is Dad and my brothers and I doing just that. I remember sunny days in the hills, picking wild blueberries, saskatoons, gooseberries or raspberries arcgis 10.2. With many hands helping, the small but tasty berries quickly filled our buckets and bellies. We knew if we worked hard Mom would not only make preserves but would bake us a pie as well redhat 7. Proud we were of our day’s work. Thinking back, it makes me appreciate the love and effort people put into growing the bounties of summer. I guess that’s why I feel it is such a privilege to be able to spend time in someone’s garden or orchard, filling once again my buckets and boxes with tree ripened peaches and apricots Splunk download. If you have never met and spoken to your local growers about their gardens, […Read More]

Recess (Sep 1990)

The best part of Sunday school was playing baseball with the nuns, they came out to Rosswood every couple of weeks and always seemed to have such a good time playing, fishing, skating or sleighing 꽁음따 다운로드. My great grandfather was a devout Catholic and very wise, he never preached his beliefs. I can still remember him saying “ Angele, learn to listen, then you’ll twice as smart, because you’ll know what you know plus what they know.” I’m not sure if I’ve come close yet, I do try, but people keep asking me questions docuworks. Through the years I have tried to kept my mind open to all possibilities and I enjoy the eastern philosophies. I truly believe for the world to survive we need spiritualism not materialism 무적행 다운로드. We need to feel connected to the love and have the knowingness that we belong and that we have […Read More]

Family Fishing (Nov 1990)

Musing… to meditate in silence; think deeply; dream…as usual the writing of this column comes slowly and with some difficulty, but I feel it is important for me to put my thoughts down on paper, and this forces me to think deeply about matters that are close to my heart 대통령의 7시간 다운로드. Still, I try to keep the column short and sweet and without judgement-a tall order. I do appreciate the stories submitted from practitioners and concerned citizens Star Tuhon download. Please keep them coming. The photo on this month’s front cover, “fishing at Kalum Lake,” was taken by one of my favorite photographers, my Mom minecraft 0.17.0 apk. When we were young, she liked taking action shots that told a story about homesteading. To be able to fish and hunt was one of the main reasons we moved from the States in 1959, to Rosswood a community of […Read More]

Hauling in the Wood (Jan 1991)

Celebrate…..celebrate….for life is so very great! Hope you enjoy reading this first anniversary edition of ISSUES. I remember ever so clearly getting the first copy of ISSUES to the printers 디지몬 하우스 다운로드. It was like giving birth to my first-born 20 years ago, almost to the day. The memories of the long hard push late into the night are still vivid and each time ISSUES goes to print, I wait anxiously for the first copy and I say my thank you’s to the universe for giving me this opportunity to meet so many wonderful and dedicated people who are helping to shift the consciousness of the world Tempting technology download. This month’s cover is your chance to meet great grandpa. Vincent Kost was my mother’s grandfather, a kind compassionate and helpful soul who decided to move from the isolated Arctic life of a trapper to “God’s country”, as my parents […Read More]

Scrub in the Tub (Mar 1991)

Rub a dub, dub, three men in a tub. This picture takes me back to my childhood and our weekly baths. Water had to be hauled up from the creek and heated on a wood stove; it was then passed down from eldest to youngest child, with a little extra hot water added now and then 보좌관2 다운로드. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so to make this story a little longer and more believable, I’ve added a few pictures. Bath time was Saturday night’s entertainment since we had no TV We often played cards or games, especially if we had company and were allowed to stay up past sunset, burning our limited supply of propane or candles hy신명조 다운로드. As a child, I don’t remember many days filled with fun. Mostly it was housework or washing clothes in the wringer washer. Once or twice, I got […Read More]

Cutting the Boys Hair (May 1991)

The front cover this month is one of the rare pictures that has my Mom in it.  Haircut Day with all six of my smiling brothers.  I like this photo because it captures our family’s style of living: simple and casual, where a  smile was genuine.  The antique barber chair was  kept in the wash house with the old wringer washer. Mother had a battery-operated pair of shears and everyone got the same hair cut which didn’t bother anyone. Let me introduce you to the family…Donald is the youngest, sitting on a board getting sheared subtitles from the harry potter sequel. He is the only one still living in Rosswood, where we grew up; he is married and has a little girl.  Michael is sitting on the foot rest. He moved to Terrace years ago, is married and has 2 girls and 3 boys. To the right of Mike is […Read More]

Ring the Dinner Bell (Jul 1991)

This is a healing journey This is a sacred path A path that leads us inward To dance the sacred dance This is a healing journey We walk it one by one Each woman and each man alone To the sound of the distant drum This is a healing journey It winds a stormy path Through fear and joy and anger Sorrows from the past Life is indeed a healing journey …if you want to know the rest of the words to this wonderful song you can hear it sung by BC’s very own Ann Mortifee. Many thanks for this expressive music of thoughts for understanding death and disease. The front cover is a photo of me making a little music, ringing the dinner bell with an old gong that was found by my dad teamviewer portable 다운로드. You could hear that gong for miles and the wonderful tones made […Read More]