1995 to 1996

Puppy Love (Nov 1996)

November, a time of frost and a time for unpacking the winter woollens. A time to set the clocks and go to bed a little earlier. When growing up, my family generally had the fire wood stacked and the last of the moose meat canned. Moose jerky was always a favourite of my brothers but I didn’t like it. Mom usually made meat pies that I did like and I also enjoyed helping her make the fruitcakes, which were carefully wrapped in brandy-soaked cheesecloth and kept in a crock till Christmas. The cover photo this month is of Tess, my Mother, when she was twenty-two years old and living in Fairbanks, Alaska. She is about to take home her first puppy, a white husky that she named Chinook. Being raised in a Catholic school where animals were not allowed, after growing up on a farm where everyone had them, Mom […Read More]

Grandma Visits (Dec 1996)

As my hair grows longer and I brush it fifty strokes every night, I am reminded of my Grandma Tessier-Myers. Her hair grew past her waistline and she loved to brush and caress it as she braided it every morning before wrapping it around her head several times. My Mom also had long brown hair when I was a child and perhaps that memory is stimulating me to grow my hair long once again. So in honour of my Grandma I choose a photograph of her for the front cover. It was taken at a time when she came for a visit to Rosswood and stayed through the long winter. Pictured with her tea kettle in hand, l guess she was going out to collect some snow so she could boil up some tea water. I remember how she and Grandad Kost loved to play crib and talk philosophy and […Read More]