1999 to 2000

An Indian Tipi in Northern Alberta (Nov 2000)

This tipi belonged to the native lady that was on the front cover of the July/August edition. We had travelled to Northern Alberta in the summer of 1959 to pick up Grandad on our way to homestead in Rosswood, a small community north of Terrace. This photograph reminded me of the Indian Summer we just had. It also reminded me to give thanks for my creature comforts; like central heat and indoor plumbing for I wouldn’t want to be living in that Tipi in northern Alberta in the winter. Living in this valley is a great honour and every day I send kisses to the creek that I live beside. It is wonderful just to be alive at this time in history, a time the Hopi’s prophesied as the Shift of the Ages, the coming of the Golden Era. This is forseen as a time of great peace, health and […Read More]

A Touch of Alaska (Dec 2000)

This cover photo and quote made headlines in the Alpena News back in 1951. Mom and Dad both loved the North and tried to recreate it when they moved to Michigan. With lots of snow and the annual Thunder Bay Ice Carnival, Mom decided her dog Chinook should be part of the festivities. Cheena is Chinook’s daughter and Mom is teaching them to pull her sled. Some of the newspaper clippings with pictures of women waving from the sleigh say .. “Queen Arlene and members of her court are set for some genuine Alaskan dog-sledding.” “Visitors to our annual Ice Carnival will get to see these dogs pulling a load of beauties through the snow. Not one in a hundred probably will know this breed. They are Mackenzie Huskies from Northwestern Canada.” While Mom practiced her dog-guiding skills, Dad taught us how to make igloos. We needed special snow to […Read More]