2001 to 2004

Honoring the Feminine (Jun 2002)

As Rod Stewart sings in one of his songs, “May God bless us all with a little romance.” I have often blown kisses up into the sky or into the creek for the wonderment of being alive. These day I am feeling even more blessed for I have connected deeply with a wonderful man who is my age, a man who doesn’t watch TV or even care about the sports or stock reports 녹스 3.0 다운로드. He is a long-term vegetarian who likes to keep fit, meditate, listens to New Age music and reads holistic books. As I said to Marcel, my editor, after our third date… “I didn’t know men came so nice.” Richard and I have lots in common and every weekend that we are together we get to discover more. We are busy people who live in different towns and realize it will take time to rearrange […Read More]

Vipassana Retreat Centre (Aug 2002)

The front cover is a photograph submitted by Robert, the caretaker and outreach coordinator of the Vipassana Retreat Centre near Merritt. Marcel and I like the idea that Issues be used to promote spiritual places… spaces that help to heal our souls 오토바이 게임 다운로드. Places that are quiet, serene and usually planted deep in nature. Nature has the power to heal and I believe Dorothy Mclean was correct when she said in her book, ‘To Honor the Earth,’… “Large trees are conductors of energy 워크래프트2 다운로드. They stand ever ready, channeling the universal forces that surround and are part of this planet. They are carriers of especially potent vibrations, sentinels of cosmic energy, transforming the power in an aura of peace fdisk exe 다운로드. Large trees are essential for the well-being of the Earth. No other can do the job they do. They and humanity each represent the apex […Read More]

Temple of Divine Light (Oct 2002)

The cover photo is of the Yasodhara Ashram’s Temple of Divine Light. The Temple, which overlooks Kootenay Lake has eight sides each representing a major world religion. Swami Sivananda Rahda started Yasodhara Ashram in 163 and it was her vision to build a spiritual community that honours the Light in each individual an d in all religions Housewives of Crisis Season 1. The Temple is now ten ears old, is a manifestation of that vision. The Ashram offers yoga courses and retreats year round. Everyone is welcome to come and experience the Divine in his or her own unique way. www.yasodhara.orgWhat an incredible sight and feeling the Yasodhara Ashram offers. It is near Nelson, and we feature it on this month’s front cover 한비로 그룹웨어 다운로드. It is one of my favorite places-it is beautiful, serene, affordable and has a peaceful feeling that is almost palpable. Swami Radha was a […Read More]

The Angel and the Rose (Dec 2002)

The front cover is a photograph of a painting that took five years to complete… by an artist in Nelson who says this is his last work of art. He is a friend of Richard, the man in life, who was thinking of using it on his brochure this spring 7공주. We agreed it was most appropriate for the front cover of Issues for several reasons and they are: 1) ‘tis the season to send greetings and images of peace and joy 이온플럭스 다운로드. Since my name also means angel or messenger of God, I have always felt connected to these heavenly creatures… I still remember the feeling, when I was about ten years old and read the defination—my head automatically nodded in agreement with the book for I felt the connection deep within See the apostle again and download. Today I know we all are angels… living in the […Read More]

Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center Group Room (Feb 2003)

The front cover is a photo of the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Centre near Argenta, two hours north of Nelson. Surrounded by large trees and overlooking Kootenay Lake, it has a serene and peaceful atmosphere dry skin. I know because I spent a lot of time there last summer and will be arranging my life to spend more time there in the future. I am hoping to start the process this June and know it will take time 씨름의 희열 다운로드. To build an office there, I will need to sell my holisitic building In Penticton. It is a 3,000 sq. foot commercial building that backs onto Ellis Creek, near the downtown area of Penticton 백악기 시대 다운로드. It is semi-divided into three sections: 1) The Rainbow Connection, a metaphysical/holistic book and gift store with an attached workshop or yoga studio; 2) The Juicy Carrot, an organic juice bar and eatery; […Read More]

Humuh Monastery (Apr 2003)

The front cover is of yet another retreat centre and I have a few more yet to feature as time moves along. BC seems to be a growing oasis for people seeking knowledge and reflective time. The Hümüh Monastery in Westbridge, is where Gerry from the Juicy Carrot is moving to. He has been feeling the call for quite some time and now that the building has been sold, it is time to move on Download black room. The Juicy Carrot and the Rainbow Connection Book/Gift Store and Yoga Studio will no longer be in existence as of May 15, 2003. The lady who bought the building is going to transform it into a Health Spa. It is a perfect location, and this old building will love the face-lift. Issues Magazine will continue to rent its portion until Oct. 1. I invite all my friends, shoppers and well-wishers to drop […Read More]

A Tipi Camp Nature Retreat (Jun 2003)

The front cover photograph is a place that I used to frequent in my early days of publishing. One year I remember arriving at the Tipi Camp exhausted ckeditor 4. Peter, the man behind the idea of a secluded retreat place, ferried me across the lake in his boat. I laid down on my makeshift bed that was covered with a tarp, overlooking the lake, and slept for two days YouTube blocked video download. The sound of the water lapping at my feet and the vibrancy of the sun or moon shining on my face energized me until I had recouped enough energy to start hiking the nearby trails Download DaemonHunter. The biggest decision I made during the rest of the week that I stayed, was where to hide the sunflower seeds… to see if the squirrels could find them 3 downloads. I have returned many times to the Kootenays […Read More]

Opening Circles at Wise Woman (Aug 2003)

Many thanks to Jane Shack for taking all the wonderful pictures of the Wise Woman Weekend last year and again at the Spring Festival of Awareness this spring w launcher. We featured them as a collage on the back cover last month. This time we have chosen the two that most allude to the essence of the weekend. We also feature a shortened version of the program (page 23-26) to remind women of this incredible event suse linux. It is well worth the time and the rates are most reasonable. If you sign up before the early deadline of August 15 you save $20. If you didn’t get last month’s Issues and are interested, please phone and we’ll mail you a program, or check out all the pictures on our web site… issuesmagazine.net t map 지도 다운로드. Everyone has such a great time that they usually return bringing their friends […Read More]

The Greenhouse at Halloween (Oct 2003)

Wow! another Wise Woman Weekend has now passed into the ethers. The energy that was generated was palpable, especially Saturday evening. After a day of workshops, many women let their hair down and whirled across the floor of The Great Hall, Naramata’s name change for the Gym 삼시세끼 어촌편2 다운로드. The new name is a reflection of things to come and creates a different vibration. Joan Casorso and her drummers started the evening vibrating, then the belly dancers got the women off their chairs as scarves swirled and bellies moved Windows 10 Upgrade Helper download. I smiled as I watched a seventy-five-year-old woman gyrate to the music wearing a black bra and a skirt with fake metal coins jingling. Her love handles rolling past her midriff as she swirled in graceful movements, thoroughly enjoying herself megastudy lessons. I nodded my head as I watched a few older women do things […Read More]