2001 to 2004

Birken Forestry Monastery (Dec 2003)

The front cover is the last photo in a series of retreat centers around BC. It is a Buddhist monastery near Kamloops and I haven’t been there but I know many people who have taken the time to enjoy the serenity of this place 근거리 연애 다운로드. Any ideas what you would like to see on the front cover for 2004? Once again I am getting the magazine to print, mostly by myself. I did it for six years originally and then asked for help and got Jan as my business partner 일곱개의 대죄 게임 다운로드. I was so glad to have someone else typing and answering the phones. Now with the abundance of computers and advertisers having access to them, most of the data comes in via email 군가 mp3 다운로드. Still, talking to people is what I enjoy the most. Hearing them speak of a new product or […Read More]

Valentine’s Day Card (Feb 2004)

What a glorious image to put on the front cover for the beginning of 2004… For me, it incorporates many feelings without using words. The artist, David Balcombe, also painted the Angel that was on the front cover December 2002 fake love mp3. I had the Angel image enlarged to poster size, placked it and gave it to Richard for a Christmas present. It is great to see angel images making their way into people’s hearts and being accepted as real… for I believe we are all angels working on our wings 드래곤볼 제노버스 다운로드. There is a beautiful quote that hangs in the lodge kitchen that says “We live in celebration of the awareness that the beauty of life that surrounds us is the same beauty that is within us.” I see the front cover image as a represention of us…the human race evolving into peace in our hearts […Read More]

The Humuh Monastery (Apr 2004)

Asking readers to send in pictures for the front cover of the magazine has been a good process of letting go. I thought that if no one responded I would revert to some of my old family homesteading photos, as some readers have suggested…but so far there has been no need 생각대로 다운로드. Each month someone has come forward with an idea. This month, the Hümüh Monastery in Westbridge submitted an image of Buddha by the river. With spring coming, the rivers rising and a big celebration of the completion of the newly-built stupa, it seemed appropriate to let Buddha grace the front cover Download Christmas Chronicles. See pages 23-26. I now have images for the next two covers, so let me know if you have any photos to share. I sure enjoyed the beautiful card image created by David Balcombe last month Download the billboard. Finalizing the Wise Guys […Read More]

Tai Chi on Kootenay Lake (Jun 2004)

Many thanks to Eric Eastman for submitting the front cover photo of his friend John Zacks dancing Tai Chi in the early morning light, reminding us that the summer heat will soon be here and inviting us to join the 28th annual Kootenay Lake Tai Chi Summer Retreat which hosts people for a week of community, empowerment, healing and self-discovery pdf 변환 프로그램 다운로드. See ad in the Natural Yellow Pages under Retreats. The warm weather has been ever so inviting and it is so nice to get outside and enjoy the sun and the trees Sun of God download. The garden beckons to me, with the raspberries asking for a quick tie-back before they bush out and the strawberries asking that we remove the extra layer of straw so they can start the cycle once again 에코텍 다운로드. Then there is the early planting of peas, potatoes and lettuce […Read More]

Quantum Leaps into the Future (Aug 2004)

The cover photo is the Quantum Leaps Lodge near Golden, BC. An enchanting place to spend some time. Brian met his new love Annette and together they now offer workshops similar to what Richard and I are doing 롤 최신 클라이언트 다운로드. As we let go of the old model of doing business and learn to trust our instincts, we can meet the challenge of creating a living in remote places like Golden or Johnson’s Landing, BC wps 다운로드. With the new technology of the internet and computers, it is getting easier to create a living and let people know of your services from afar. Issues is now published high in the mountains and emailed to Webco, my printer in Penticton 닷넷프레임워크 4.7 다운로드. It takes me seven hours of driving before I see the printed copies and start the distribution process, which usually takes a week. During the summer […Read More]

Hollyhock Retreat Centre (Oct 2004)

The front cover is the view from Hollyhock, a retreat centre on Vancouver Island that overlooks the ocean, details to the left. In the 70’s it was known as the Cold Mountain Institute and its existence did much to shape the consciousness of the people who attended month-long workshops on energy awareness Download chrome desktop. Carol Stewart, a facilitator at the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Centre this summer was one of those participants in 1975. Her thirst for intuitive knowingness led her to many teachers and eventually she moved to Peru and lived there for six years Download the Catholic Bible. When she came back she wrote a book about her experiences and returned often to lead tours to their sacred sites. In 1998 she started the Mystery School in her home near Nelson to assist other’s on their understanding of life and the magical journey that it is Walking Dead […Read More]

Winter Solstice (Dec 2004)

The December cover image was chosen by my angels while I was picking up a package at the Argenta post office. My angels liked the image and the connection was instantaneous. I learned later it was called The Angel of Water and that it was painted by a woman who lives in Argenta. This is a community of just over one hundred people, situated a half-hour drive before Johnson’s Landing, where I now live puppies. I heard about Argenta, which is a Latin word that means Silver, about ten years ago. My yoga teacher Margaret Luman would visit her daughter there and watch her grandchildren perform in Christmas plays. Then at the Spring Festival of Awareness I met Elisa Shine, another Argenta resident. She makes an enchanting skin cream that has so much magic and love in it that I am still buying it 페인트툴 사이 다운로드. (Her phone is […Read More]