2005 to 2008

Circle of Friends at Spring Festival (Feb 2005)

The front cover photograph was taken by Richard, my partner, at the Spring Festival of Awareness last year. As I downloaded the photos off the camera and into my computer, I named them for reference. Afterwards I looked at the list, and most of them started with the word “circle” Circle in the Great Hall, Circle in the Healing Oasis, circles sitting, circles dancing, circles meditating, the list went on … People seem to naturally choose circles when they are allowed to create sacred space the way they feel comfortable 구글 지도 다운로드. The Circle of Friends photo on the front cover seemed special because of the beautiful weather and the exquisite setting of the Naramata Retreat Centre. Circles also turn into spirals or fractals as we evolve … repeating the pattern of life with new understanding. There are few words to express the gratitude I feel for my spirit […Read More]

The Sanctuary at Findhorn Scotland (Apr 2005)

The front cover photo was sent to us from Scotland… It is entitled ‘The Sanctuary,’ and can be found at the Findhorn Foundation, one of the oldest and largest retreat centers and intentional communities in the world, established in 1962. Founder Eileen Caddy communicated with spirit and was told to settle on a windy, barren piece of land near Forres, Scotland. After years of struggling with the elements and poor soil, the group produced 40-pound cabbages and other vegetables that were larger than normal, and the scientific community arrived to check it out Guardians of the Galaxy ost. Dorothy Maclean, another co-founder, gave credit to the garden devas for assisting them, and the data circulated around the globe, attracting many like-minded supporters. Each morning Eileen listened for instructions as to what to do, and Dorothy spoke to the devas in the woods, the garden and beyond. Then Eileen wrote a […Read More]

ArtLink Ranch (Jun 2005)

The front cover photo shows one of four tipis that can be rented at ArtLink, a ranch in the foothills of Alberta. (See ad in the NYP under Retreats) In the summer 2003 Issues I featured the Tipi Camp on the north shore of Kootenay Lake, and in 2004, Quantum Leaps Lodge near Golden, BC 구글 크롬 브라우저 다운로드. Tipis are becoming increasingly popular and last summer Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center upgraded to a larger one. It is used for workshops or family accommodation movie international market. It has a fire pit in the middle of the plywood floor, with an air vent so that it doesn’t get too smoky. Last summer we enjoyed a drumming workshop late into the night, while the fire flickered in the darkness, creating a magical atmosphere wall aboard. I know a few people who have lived in a tipi all year-round. I admire their […Read More]

The Veil is Lifting (Aug 2005)

Choosing this month’s front cover photo was a great delight, for it shows theunseen energies that I often feel. When Hope and Randy Mead arrived on my doorstep a few months ago to show me their new video entitled Orbs, The Veil is Lifting, I was intrigued and listened carefully as Hope explained why Randy, her husband, did not have time to fake 7,000 photographs taken with her digital camera Facebook Messenger apk. I knew in my heart that what she said was true… that we now have the technology to see beyond the physical. Hope’s article about what she believes to be happening is on page 12 flash games. At this year’s Spring Festival of Awareness, Jon Kelly did a workshop where participants brought their cameras and walked around taking digital photographs so they could see for themselves the inter-dimensional gateways – along with fairies, angels and, of course, […Read More]

Mists, Similar Energy to Orbs (Oct 2005)

With so much feedback about last month’s orb photo and article, I have decided to do a part two… The mists in this front cover photo are similar to those in several other photographs I have seen taken by different photographers Download the book player. Perhaps the mist energy is our ancestors in the angelic realm or our thoughts floating around us. If you have a personal story or image to share about this phenomenon please phone or email me, info on the left national business total. This month’s front cover features Hope’s son, who is standing in the same energy spot as her lady friend in last month’s cover. On page 12, Hope’s husband Randy, shares his experience with the orbs 홈팩버즈 다운로드. I believe our ability to see more now than what we could a few years ago has to do with all the Earth changes. I resonate […Read More]

Christmas with Two Older Brothers (Dec 2005)

I changed the front image from a Christmas card greeting that was designed by David Balcolme of Nelson, BC to a photo of my two bothers as I lost that image 위치 추적기 다운로드. It was a sphere similar to the earth via a satellite image. I read that one of the astronauts wept after seeing the earth from this larger perspective 오목 프로그램 다운로드. A planet that was alive with clouds swirling impacted him deeply as he saw his home from this larger perspective for the first time. In Davids image the white doves encircling the earth, symbolizes the love that surrounds us and the peace we all long for and which starts within us Refinery Dream Download. The lace reminds me of the delicate beauty we are surrounded but I feel the lace is ragged and torn as the earth shudders under the weight of our collective foot […Read More]

Crop Circles (Feb 2006)

This months’ front cover features three different Yin Yang formations in a crop circle that appeared in 2003 at Hackpen Hill near Winterbourne Basset, Whiltshire, England 포켓몬스터 블랙2 다운로드. The photograph is courtesy of Robert Nichol, a film maker who lives at Gibsons Landing near Vancouver, and Lucy Pringle who has a website with hundreds of crop circle images 조직도 ppt 다운로드. One evening I spent several hours surfing the net starring at the amazing images that are created when wheat is bent at 90 degrees. Mostly they are photographed in England but several years ago a few crop circles were recorded in a field near Vanderhoof, BC and now ice circles are appearing on frozen lakes 유튜브 자막과 함께 다운로드. The buzz is that this magical energy will help us with the transformation that we are about to go through on our planet. I choose this image for the […Read More]

Hümüh Monastery (Apr 2006)

This month’s front cover features the Healing Stupa at the Hümüh Monastery in Westbridge, near Rock Creek, BC. It was constructed from the ground up by students and apprentices of Wisdom Master Maticintin three years ago construction simulator 2014 다운로드. It contains the primordial teachings, sacred relics and the love and devotion of her students. Some of you may remember my good friend and business partner Gerry Parent of the Juicy Carrot restaurant in Penticton Inventor 2019. He is now the vice-abbot of the Hümüh Monastery and serves as project co-ordinator for the various building projects. Many volunteers worked long hours carrying buckets of concrete up ladders to create the soft curves of the Stupa Mac program. Then they painted the fifty-foot high structure by hand with gold leaf paint. Many statues and plants grace the perimeter and there are over a thousand prayer flags hanging from the steeple and […Read More]

Spring Festival of Awareness (Jun 2006)

The front cover is a collage of photos that were taken at the Spring Festival of Awareness that happened the last weekend in April. This magical event is often life-changing for many, and organizing this event has certainly created a new me, one that glows from the inside. I remember hearing the expression, “You get what you ask for,” and reflecting on my life, I do remember certain words I said or desires that were eventually reflected back as something I had asked for, even though at the time I didn’t know it 김 광석 다운로드. As I wandered around the site getting it ready, people came into my mind; and there were the collages from past festivals to remind me of the folks who helped out over the years, so I thought I would muse on … how it came about. During the eighties, I was a lifeguard for […Read More]