2005 to 2008

Mountain top near Argenta (Feb 2008)

Another year has arrived and life stays the same and yet somehow it is different. In numerology, this is a “one” year for the world, (2008 = 2 + 8 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1), the beginning of a cycle, a time to plant the seeds of tomorrow. I have learned that life is a reflection of my desires, will and karma, some of which is not so obvious, called the sub-conscious mind, which I have read controls about eighty percent of my thinking and doing. Becoming aware or conscious means paying attention to the subtle feelings or sensations in my body which helps me to stay connected to the knowingness within. Slowing down and breathing deep is something I have learned to do, as my family were doers, we got praised for thinking on our feet and getting a job done. Today I have the attitude that my body […Read More]

Dorothy Mclean from Findhorn (Apr 2008)

This month’s front cover is dedicated to a special woman who, through her trust in the Divine, let go of her ego and co-created a community that continues to flourish today and set new standards for what it means to ‘be in community.’ Many of you know of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and the social and ecological work it is doing worldwide. If you want to know more, go to www.findhorn.org. Dorothy Maclean has written many books detailing her knowledge of the devic realm, and her ability to trust the messages she hears. She now lives in the United States and, at the age of 87, travels world-wide with her assistant Freya Secrest, sharing her knowledge and encouraging us to connect with our inner knowingness. One of her recent book focuses on trees. Her article about them is on page 24-25. If you wish to learn from Nature, you […Read More]

Christina and her Angels (Jul 2008)

Choosing this month’s front cover reminds me of all the angels in my life, of which I have many. Christina and her daughter Claire, created these two angels and gifted them to me a few festivals ago. They are so bright and cheerful that they deserve to be on the cover and were photographed by Victor, Christina’s husband. I first met Christina about eleven years ago when I was distributing magazines around Penticton, BC. I asked her if it was okay to leave a few copies in the waiting room of the office where she worked. She smiled and said, “It’s a great magazine,” so I stopped to chat for a few minutes. A few years later, she completed her Langara College Holistic Practitioner’s Program and rented space in the Holistic Health building. She volunteered to type articles and answer phones two days a week. In 2002, she taught a […Read More]

Abundance (Sep 2008)

Abundance is a feeling that has been in my awareness for sometime now. Sometimes I feel there is too much abundance, too many choices in my life … and, of course, too many things that need doing. I am grateful for my skills and the ability to stick with things. This edition of Issues is published with a new publishing program called InDesign, on a new computer with a mouse that has three buttons, and with a deadline that is earlier than normal. I am grateful the “Women of Spirit” event was cancelled so I have the extra time to get Issues to print and next year we will plan with my new schedule in mind. I did set time aside to learn the new program but it took longer transferring files than expected. Then it was time for my family reunion and once I got back I did a bit more […Read More]

Debra Paints a Winter Scene (Nov 2008)

The front cover was painted by Debra Barrett of Kaslo, a friend of Richard’s who designed the JLRC logo. The watercolor painting includes the beautiful lake and valley view from the retreat center. Richard has always liked this image because of its spiritual context in relation to winter, which is fast approaching. We received our first warning earlier than usual and hurried to dig potatoes and pick the squash just as it froze the squash vines. Now that the temperatures has warmed, Dawn Lasby, a volunteer from Vernon has been transplanting strawberries into the lower field where the squash grew. The field got fenced because we had fifteen people show up for ‘Opening-for-Season Work-Party’ this spring. Last year the deer ate our garlic, onions and potatoes so it was first on our ‘to-do’ list this year. Four years ago there was one six foot row of strawberries in the upper […Read More]