2009 to 2012

Welcome to a New Year (Feb 2009)

This month’s front cover depicts the wintry entrance to the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center. The huge cedar tree loves our backyard, the amethyst geode under the sign welcomes all for a visit, and our garden shed has a fairy door for all our little friends. This edition of Musings tells of the latest books I have been reading. It is not easy for me to put into words what I often sense is important information, so here are some quotes that resonated with my winter contemplation time. No one man can go beyond his own knowledge, no thought can reach beyond contemporary thought, and it is impossible for us to guess or foretell how many generations of humanity may have to live in war and waste and insecurity and misery before the dawn of the great peace to which all history seems to be pointing, peace in our heart and […Read More]

Fair Voting (Apr 2009)

Politics on the front cover… I am hoping this a good sign and that “we” the people are being heard. When I was younger, I belonged to a conscientious group of people in Terrace who protested that Aspartame was toxic and asked the government not to allow the poison into our food supply. Instead, they endorsed using it, and that was when I knew I was on my own. I educated myself to protect my family and wondered about entering politics Kim Yong-im’s Built-in Mountain. I knew lots of people who wanted a better health care system and thought… if I could make a difference… it would be worth my while. But I decided I did not have the skills or a thick-enough skin to be in politics, so I choose to publish enlightening articles and encourage people to find answers. Despite advances in modern medicine, our health is worse […Read More]

Energy Alternatives for the Future (Jul 2009)

Just as soon as the April and May Issues came off the press I knew I should have called it April, May and June. I sweated it for few days, because I feel so responsible with my deadlines, then decided to let it go and sent a message via the ethers to let my readers know that the new summer edition (July and August) would be out at the end of June 이클립스 패키지 다운로드. This extra time allowed me to get the garden planted, help organize the Opening for the Season event and cook for the Cabin Building and Solar Power Systems courses 몽상가들 다운로드. The solar panel on the front cover was installed during that class, near our 1939 Paris Dunn wind generator. It can be seen in the background, along with Tullum the horse; and the road up to the Retreat Center Download Anohana. My musing these […Read More]

Komasket Music Festival (Sep 2009)

The cover photo was taken at the Komasket Music Festival that was held near Vernon on native land. With no drinking, no drugs and no beer garden surrounded by a fence it was a delight to attend. Many vendors served healthy food and organic coffee was donated by Canterburys Coffee Corp. and sold by volunteers as a fund raiser. Many other local companies donated food so the performers and staff could have food on-site xinetd 다운로드. North Valley Frameworks was given a tribute for putting in long, late hours making sure the stages were ready. Lots of effort was also put into the kids’ festival, where we sometimes sat enjoying the magic that happens when so many talented artists perform. I chose this image because it merges the old and the new… the many orbs can only be seen with a digital camera and the tipis are a majestic reminder […Read More]

Preparing for Winter (Nov 2009)

Winter is coming and a good six cords of wood will be needed to keep the Lodge warm and that takes three or four people about ten days, bringing down standing dead trees from the mountains, which are chain sawed into 6 foot lengths and loaded onto several trucks, then unloaded and chain sawed into 20 inch pieces. If they are large rounds they are split with a gas-powered wood splitter that is safe for everyone to use. The front cover shows Doug operating the wood-splitter while Crystal and Alex stack the wood shed Pandora flv download. After that job is done a group of us will discuss next year’s programming for the Retreat Center as well as finish off a few construction projects over the winter months. It was a busy year with lots of participation in a variety of programs. I am glad that Jennifer did most of […Read More]

Angele with Trout (Feb 2010)

Happy Birthday! Issues Magazine for Empowerment is twenty years old. I knew very little about computers and even less about the print industry when I started it. A big thanks to my mom for supplying me with enough fantastic homesteading photos to create front covers for ten years. In those days, I did not own a laser printer because they cost too much. I printed rough proofs on a dot matrix printer, and then put them on a disk and took them to a print shop. I spent most of a day cutting and pasting the images 와카코와 술 다운로드. I then chose the color of the month and gave the finished pages to Webco Press to print 5,000 copies. If you look at the lower magenta magazine featured on this month’s front cover, you will notice there is no date on the premiere edition. It took six months before […Read More]

Maya Paints Spring Colours (Apr 2010)

On the front cover is our favorite view of Kootenay Lake, in bright spring colors, as painted by Marianneke Heringa. Since my birthday fell on a Saturday this year, we spent Friday evening in Nelson, enjoying dinner and a live play 레베카 다운로드. Richard and I stayed at Marianneke’s place called Casa del Soul B&B, a delightful haven for creative souls. I enjoyed finally getting to know this delightful and energetic lady in person Yonsei University Supporter Download. She has advertised with Issues for several years and I have been meaning to stop by. Her story is on page 33. Something different for this edition was to have Michael O’Connor do an update on my birth chart rather than the general three-month seasonal forecast I usually get Free The Bab Mix. I thought a few of you might find it interesting, and if you have never had your chart done, […Read More]

Getting Tara into Place (Jul 2010)

On the front cover are two photos taken at the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center. The top photo shows a group of Tai Chi students and instructors at our annual Summer Tai Chi Camp. See Hajime’s article on page 34. The bottom photo shows our new stone steps leading to the Lodge and a statue called Tara that recently got moved to her new location. I feel joy in my being when an idea gets manifested into reality. About five years ago, a Feng shui practitioner opened my eyes to the importance of first impressions and entrances 한자 붓글씨 폰트 다운로드. As she walked around the grounds, she suggested many improvements including a stone staircase on the slope leading to the Lodge. A year and half ago on one of my distribution trips, I stopped at Sacred Journeys, a store on the way to Creston that had statues from Thailand. I […Read More]

Hollyhock Sanctuary (Sep 2010)

The front cover image was taken inside the meditation space at Hollyhock, Canada’s leading education retreat centre. Located on Cortes Island, they celebrated their 25th anniversary a few years ago by becoming a not-for-profit foundation. Greg Osoba from Hollyhock has been my contact for a while now, sending me their yearly programs to distribute when I take Issues magazine around the valley. His story of how he got involved is on page 12. Each season has its own rhythm and each year I get to know myself a little better. Summer is a time of fast growth for plants and people alike Windows server 2012 r2 Korean language pack. Living in a community and having company all summer long sometimes take a toll on my patience. One of my mantras that keeps me sane during the frustrating times is “you can’t get this kind of an education in a university.” […Read More]