2009 to 2012

Sinix’t Barter Fair (Nov 2010)

On the front cover is a photo of sixth annual Sinix’t Barter Fair that happened Oct 1st-3rd in the Slocan Valley, close to Nelson, BC. Good music, wholesome foods and items to buy or barter. Richard really wanted a picture of our new kitten on the front cover so I split the page. I think the ever-changing stage deserved the attention and below is an image so you can get the essence of the weekend. Richard talks about kitty in his column, who was four weeks old and the last of eight kittens to be given away at the fare. We looked at several older kittens but none felt right. During the event, we got to say hello to a few people we know but don’t see too often including Max, the jeweller who made our wedding bands. He told us his movie, called THE SINIX’T: Bringing Home the Bones, […Read More]

Tara, Goddess of the Earth (Feb 2011)

The front cover photo is a statue of Tara on a wintery day. What an honour it is to have her in our care and so glad she has a roof keeping off the snow. Over the years I have found only a few statues of her and the detailed carving in this one is exquisite. She is carved in limestone and it took four men to put her in our truck. She is a female Bodhisattva also known as the “mother of liberation,” and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. Taras come in a variety of colours, each representing various aspects of life. This statue was carved in Bali where she has a history similar to the Buddha. They believe she helps us develop inner qualities so we can understand the teachings about compassion. Richard and I have morning meetings with the Retreat Center crew and […Read More]

Swans on Skaha Lake (Apr 2011)

Spring time, the return of longer days and attending trade shows. I took this photo of the swans near Okanagan Falls, so I looked up swans in the Animal Speak book, and it says they represent Awakening the True Beauty and the Power of the Self. I take this to mean that the time has come for each of us to step forward and be the change we want to see in the world. Antony, one of our volunteers who is developing the Sustainable section for the magazine, has created a new FileMaker Pro database and taught me the program so I can make changes as needed. I am getting to like computers as the internet is a great, instant networking tool and I can listen to or read a news broadcast that is more balanced than many newspapers. People are sharing stories and creating networks that unite citizens for […Read More]

Inner Voice (Jul 2011)

Often what seems to happen is that people are told to take medication so they don’t feel, or told they are crazy because it can’t be explained. Attending the festivals gives us a variety of tools, a smorgasbord of experiences, to see what does work so we can understand our inner guidance. Sometimes it is a combination that creates the opening. Yoga stretches and strengthens the meridians and brings chi to the organs, allowing subtle vibrations to become more apparent. This practice has taught me to listen to the breath and to become aware. A few people have asked me, “What is the difference between my inner voice and my mind, and how do I know it is God and not the devil?” In my world, thoughts that keep going round and round are in my mind. My angels don’t repeat themselves, and seldom does God, and there is fine […Read More]

Quan Yin from Vietnam (Sep 2011)

I love finding Quan Yin statues, like the one on the front cover that is almost as big as me and came from Vietnam. It is carved in wood, with Quan Yin standing on a dragon. I liken the dragon to the ones in the movie Avatar. We each need to learn to ride our dragon, for they are metaphors for our struggles in life. They are not real, but at the same time, they have existed since the world began. Quan Shi means people of the world, and Yin means to cry. By looking at her name, we know that Quan Yin looks deeply into the world of humankind and feels compassion so deep for their suffering that she cries. As the East merges with the West and the Goddess energy emerges, it is getting easier to know more about her. I heard about a scientific study with chimps […Read More]

Old Cabin Near Trophy, BC (Nov 2011)

The cover photo was taken at Topley, BC, halfway to Terrace, where I went to visit my Mom this past September. During my distribution trips over the last few years, I have taken many photographs of old buildings, knowing that one day they won’t be there anymore. I wonder who built them, and what their joy and struggles must have been in building without electricity and power tools. While I was in Terrace, Mom gave me her collection of homesteading slides that graced the front cover of Issues for the first ten years. My yearning to take photos of old buildings probably came from the fact that my parents were homesteaders, moving from Michigan to Rosswood, BC, in 1958. Mom took lots of photos, showing the many stages needed to settle raw land. Back then land cost two dollars an acre plus proof that we were working the land and […Read More]

Spring Festival of Awareness (Feb 2012)

The front cover was taken at the Spring Festival of Awareness last year. What an amazing tree and site for such an amazing event! I have just finished arranging this year’s presenters so you can enjoy another smorgasbord of healing and insights in 2012. If someone had told me 25 years ago that I would be doing this for a living, I would have raised my eyebrows. Time builds confidence and trust in the universal flow of energy. I remember consulting an astrologer to make sure I would not lose money taking on this new challenge. When it was over we had made about a hundred dollars’ profit that first year, so I took the team out to dinner and we celebrated. Then I asked if they would like to do it again. I had learned so much that first year that I wanted another chance to do it better. […Read More]

The Original Cabin (Apr 2012)

The front cover features the original cabin that is under many layers of renovations and has become The Lodge at the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center. I am intrigued by the growth process, so I found a few old photos to share, they are to the left. The repeating features are the birch tree and the cinder block chimney. Each addition created space for a growing family, and now for volunteers and community members. The birch tree is frail and every three years we lose a few feet off the top as it continues to expand in width. The circumference is now 80 inches. I am told that birch trees rarely grow this large. The essence of a birch tree symbolizes a fresh start so I am glad to have one growing so close. Although the birch does appear fragile, it is in fact, extremely hardy. This teaches us that in […Read More]

Quan Yin Carved in Yellow Cedar (July & August 2012)

The front cover features a statue of Quan Yin that I brought home as a present for my sixtieth birthday this February. It is carved out of an old yellow cedar log, and from the back you can see the log was hollow. I imagine it had been lying for a while in the forest before some carver dragged it home to discover and bring to life the image in the wood. I have been collecting Quan Yin books, pictures and carvings for about fifteen years, and each one I find is more beautiful than the last. Five years ago during a dinner conversation, a man said, “If you want to see some Quan Yins, you should check out a shop in Langley,” so I made a note in my travel journal. I don’t usually distribute Issues there, but this year Richard took the time to visit relatives, so we […Read More]