2013 to 2018

Angel Wings (Feb, March, April & May 2016)

As many of you know, I love rainbows and angels, as featured on my Festival posters. Last fall, on a cold, sunny day, I went outside to do something when Danny, one of the crew at the Retreat Center said, “Look up, ice crystals are making a rainbow in the clouds.” I looked up, then rushed back to the lodge and got my camera. I snapped several images as the colors faded and the cloud dispersed. Months later, as I looked at the many possible photographs for a front cover, I hesitated, wondering if the rainbow colors would show up. Computers use light to show images, while printers use four colors of ink, which creates darker images. I thought to myself … one angel wing does not look very interesting, so I copied and reversed it and put the two halves together. That’s when the image of the tree became […Read More]