Store Space Application

Store Form

Please fill out this form and Marion will get in touch with you or you can call Marion 250-497-6861.

Table space is usually 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide

Due to the popularity of the store, and limited table space please return this form ASAP to guarantee space 삼성브라우저 유튜브 다운로드. Please plan to bring your goods on Friday, noon onwards, to set up your display.

The tables are looked after by the store manager, so you can attend workshops Elvis Quick.

Each item needs a removable sticker that corresponds to the number designation that will be assigned.

We prefer Avery removable labels #2207 or #2102 which work very well and can be purchased at Staples 멜로망스 you 다운로드.

We charge a 15% commission on $50 or more worth of goods sold. You must be a registered participant, workshop leader, healer or volunteer to be in the store 킹스맨 다운로드. We will reserve table space until 9 am Saturday so if you are arriving late please let us know.

  1. You may highlight your removeable stickers with 2 or 3 coloured markers of your choice, see sample above 노래가 늘었어 다운로드.
  2. Please use same colors and design on ALL stickers and make them uniquely YOU.
  3. Fill in a reasonable sized sticker with READABLE printing with your ID number and price of item 윈도우10 폰트 다운로드. see sample above. Avery removable labels #2102 or #2213 work very well.
  4. Stick label in a visible place – if your stickers are hard to peel please put a small piece of tape under one edge maven.
  5. Prices must include all taxes.
  6. Please plan to leave your merchandise in the store until 2 pm. You cannot cash out before that time as people are still shopping
  7. We prefer you pack up after the last workshop and closing ceremony on Sunday 에뮬레이터 다운로드.