1995 to 1996

Catch of the Day (Feb 1995)

Seems an appropriate picture for the front cover as I just got laid off from my ‘real’ job as a Zamboni driver at the Summerland ice arena. Now I can focus on getting the Spring Festival of Awareness program together. I wondered how I was going to do it. I trust the universe will give me the time and people seem to appear when I need help. I do enjoy the precise timing of the universe when I am in the flow. This photo of me was taken after a trip to the fishing hole, during our first year at Rosswood, BC, the summer of 1959. Fish were plentiful, seldom did anyone ever come home skunked. My ‘Musings’ this month is an attempt at putting into words some of my understanding of why I am the way I am ftz 다운로드. As many of you know, I have spent many […Read More]

Waiting for the Outhouse (Mar 1995)

Another action photograph by Mom, introducing, brother Mike with his suspenders around his head and shirt and jacket dragging in front of him. He probably wore his long-johns to bed, and when he got up in the morning, he put his boots on the wrong feet and took a stroll to the biffy. Now it was time to find someone to help him get dressed. Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my 43rd birthday. Living in a family of seven kids, we celebrated birthdays often. The kid in front of the cake was usually the one being honoured but as siblings we all got to enjoy the festivities. I probably have at least fifty different family birthday photos 맥 레오파드 다운로드. Browsing through the old slides helped me to realize why birthdays are important to me and brought up some memories to help fit together a few more pieces […Read More]

Tanning a Hide (Apr 1995)

Once again, I sit down to tell my story. I am thankful for the pictures that my Mom took, for they help me to get started. I keep thinking I will run out of stories to tell but for some reason, once I make the time, the thoughts appear and another Musing column is written. The front cover shows the rear end our old Pontiac covered with a moose hide. I believe this is the moose that walked through our back yard shortly after we moved to Rosswood Fatpanic. Maybe next month I’ll show the photos of us cutting it up and putting it into tin cans, that were pressure cooked. I love moose meat that was canned as it was ever so tender. This time of the year reminds me of Easter. I was not much on tradition or ritual, so I made conscious choices on how to celebrate […Read More]

Spring Washout (May 1995)

I love the spring rains. When I was a child they stood for adventure and whispered that summer was almost here. Living in a rural area of BC, our family figured out how to go with the flow on a regular basis and do without immediate help from the government. When the river flooded, Mom and Dad figured out how to cross it without a bridge. The road to Rosswood was called Beaver Flats because every couple of years, the Beaver River flooded its banks and washed the wooden bridge out. One spring when it also flooded Clear Creek, we got to ride to school on our farm tractor and trailer because we couldn’t cross over by foot or bike Titanic game. This month’s photo is of Grandad carrying the gas can and a box to our truck, with my brothers Mike and Don as his helpers. He parked his […Read More]

Spring Festival of Awareness Crew (Jun 1995)

June reminds me that school is almost over for another year and that I will have a little time for myself. I am closing the Holistic Healing Centre for the month of July as I recharge my batteries. I am tired and I have earned a rest. As you may have read in the May ISSUES, I am looking for a business partner who would like to help ISSUES grow Samsung Cloud Gallery. The computer is a skill I have learned … though time-consuming it’s a wonderful tool and now it is time for someone else to enjoy all that the computer has to offer. Networking and education is my main focus and I try to make it available in as many ways as possible. Many years ago, when I was looking for answers, I found them because people took the time to care and share 사이툴 2 다운로드. I […Read More]

Cutting a Tree (Jul 1995)

A photo of my Dad as a logger in the Nass Valley. When I was five years old, our family visited the giant Redwoods in California. I still have my souvenir, a hand-carved letter ‘A’ pin (initial for my name) from a wind fallen tree. I remember being fascinated as they told the story of how they made money from fallen trees, which helped keep the park open so that people could appreciate the huge trees. Thanks to the many people who encouraged me to keep writing this past year as I processed through the married era of my life. It helped me to get clear on what the issues really were and to understand myself a little bit more 마크다운 다운로드. For the past several months, I have had many dreams with a similar theme: the Good Guys versus the Bad Guys. I found this most puzzling. Here are […Read More]

Time of Celebration (Sep 1995)

What a joy it was to slow down this summer and take time for myself. It makes me appreciate life so much more. I made the decision this spring to do less and have more happen, so we’ll see how it goes. The front cover of Issues has two pictures. This month one photo is of brother Bill balancing on the rock and checking out Mom, the photographer, while I make sure the root beer is cold so that we can celebrate. There are lots of bottles in the creek, so company must have been coming. The other photo is brother Mike hauling some water to our cabin, which was a fair trek 47m 2. With no well inside the house, we all took turns hauling the pails of water from the nearby creek into the house so that we could heat it to wash the dishes and brush our […Read More]

Life is Wonderful (Oct 1995)

Jan and I had a celebration this month in nature … enjoying all that life has to offer, at the beach, on a picnic with men friends and their children. We weren’t quite as formal looking as the nuns on the front cover having a picnic. But we enjoyed good food and I had fun with the kids, slinging mud and splashing water 노트북 파일 다운로드. Children teach me much about lightening up and showing me creative ways to enjoy life. Laughing and screaming with delight is a great way to let go tension and the responsibilities of being an adult. We celebrated because Jan and I are now business partners …. we bought the land and buildings at 254 Ellis Street. We intend to continue networking and educating the public on alternative ways to live and stay well Oriental Motor. Last week someone came by the Centre and dropped […Read More]

The Changing Seasons (Nov 1995)

This time of the year reminds me of the cycles of life. The Holistic Health Centre is beside Penticton Creek and our favorite pastime is watching the Kokanee salmon travel their way up to the spawning beds. They have little pools of water where they spend much time gathering their energy till they are ready to wiggle their tails and move ten or twenty feet up the shallow and rapid moving parts of the creek. I am fascinated by their exquisite coral color and enjoy the first-hand observations of their ritual of life and death. Every month I scan my mother’s photographs looking for the photo that will inspire me to tell another story. It has taken me many years to truly appreciate the persistence and effort it took Mom to capture my family on film, despite my father’s constant complaining about the high cost of film 핑크 퐁 동화 […Read More]