1995 to 1996

The One That Didn’t Get Away (Dec 1995)

Solstice Greetings to my many readers … may your New Year be well intentioned. On this month’s front cover is a family portrait that is somewhat different… standing on top of the moose’s head is Donald, being held by Mom. Hanging onto the leg is Mike, Billy is standing on the bottom of the ladder, I’m next, then Paul, Phillip and David. This ol’ moose was spotted from Grandad’s bedroom window the first year we moved into the old telegrapher’s cabin in Rosswood, BC. It was strung against the shed a short distance away. The following year the wildlife knew better and Grandad and Dad had to canoe up the Beaver River in search of game Galaxy S6 firmware. Usually the moose were skinned and quartered by the time they got them home. The sections were hung inside the shed to tenderize the meat and also so that the wolves […Read More]

Business Partners (Feb 1996)

This photo is of me and my two business partners… Jan Stickney and Marcel Campbell. ISSUES is seven years old and still growing. Marcel will be assisting Jan as they take over much of the work I do. I want to create a little more balance in my life and be more out there rather than in here typing and getting ready to go to print. And I am finally ready to feel supported. The Spring Festival crew helped me get used to asking for help and getting it. Last April, as I walked around the Naramata Centre grounds, I realized that my mother was wrong 재즈음악 다운로드. She had embedded deeply into me her belief that “If you want something done …you do it yourself. ” I had examined this thought pattern and agreed that it was time to let it go, so after the festival last year, I […Read More]

Childhood Memories (Mar 1996)

The front cover is a picture of me, a four-and-a-half year old riding my trusty steed. I enjoyed visiting Grandma’s, and riding her goat was fun. I was about the right weight so Grandma allowed me to ride her, but my brothers were heavier so they had to ride the pigs, which was much harder, for they squealed as they ran and we usually ended up in the dirt. Living close to animals teaches children the basics of unconditional love. I remember what a busy year it was for me … I kept getting throat infections so I had my tonsils taken out, I had one eye set on fire while playing with a smouldering stick and therefore had to get glasses, I lost a few teeth and started school. I can remember sitting in our station wagon, staring at the building with all the kids running around and wondering, […Read More]

Supertime Cookout (Apr 1996)

Dad is taking this front cover picture as Mom is busy feeding baby Donny. In the background are Granddad and Chuck with the rest of us kids circling the table. I am the one with my hand in front of my face, too busy eating to look at the camera. Food is such a vital part of life! For me it has been a life-long puzzle and I have explored many options, trying to help my stomach to stop producing gas. I have read and experienced many diets, tried various cleanses and ways of eating and followed the guidelines of many experts. I have treated myself to the best quality food money could buy, but found that if it was eaten in a hurry, I didn’t digest it Good music download. Sometimes food tasted so good I couldn’t stop eating. Sometimes I couldn’t tell when I was full. For a […Read More]

Happy Mother’s Day (May 1996)

Mother’s Day is a timeless tradition so I chose a photograph of my mother for the front cover, taken some sixty years ago in Hudson Bay Junction, Saskatchewan. My mom and her brother, Jerry are posing for my great aunt, a professional photographer. I am grateful to have a supportive and unique Mom, who was way ahead of her time. Her love, guidance and impatience have taught me a lot about getting along in life. Her many photographs of our family help me to focus and remember why I am the way I am. Processing deeply each month helps me to see more clearly the patterns of my own childhood. Unexpressed or unfinished emotional dramas repeat themselves in my dealings with work, play, food, friends, business partners and even strangers 오징어 외계인 다운로드. People and events are mirrors for me, reflecting back so that I may see the many different […Read More]

Happy Father’s Day (Jun 1996)

On the cover is a photo of my Dad preparing to leave on a fishing trip as brothers Michael and Billy look at him longingly. Family fishing trips happened on sunny days when the lake was calm and it didn’t really matter if we caught anything. With seven kids in a canoe, fish knew we were trying to catch them. My father was a good provider and we always had lots to eat. When Dad or Grandad left without us, we knew they were serious about bringing home some food. Dad enjoyed the wildness of the country and once in a while he took time off to hike in the hills and show their grandeur to our relatives or guests. I remember one special weekend when the whole family was going to hike Mount Goaty… a two or three day adventure, that excited all of us Mantis. Our guests arrived […Read More]

The Gift of Nature (Jul 1996)

Summer … a late one this year with lots of flooding, which happens every so often. On the front cover is a photograph of a similar time many years ago when the Beaver River washed out several bridges. My brothers and I (the one with the pony tail) thought it was great fun loading ourselves into the trailer that was being pulled by our farm tractor so that we could go to school. Crossing the river from the other direction were our neighbours Vicki and Mel, who were using the Cat to move some of the gravel and let the creek get centred once again. They lived on the riverbank and had their home washed away. As I sat by Penticton Creek last week, watching it rush by, I connected to my thoughts about water and how it represents emotions symbolically 스티브 잡스 자서전 pdf 다운로드. Tears that were never […Read More]

Summertime (Sep 1996)

Summer, a wonderful time of the year with many warm memories. My family photograph on the front cover reminds me what it is like to be a child enjoying nature. In the inner tube are my brothers David and Phillip, three and four years old, and myself, one and a half years old. This summer, I took time off and visited family. I also travelled to Alberta to see what is happening there, did a nutritional workshop with Paul Pitchford in Kaslo and enjoyed a wild water raft trip down the Thompson River near Lytton with my three sons. The weather cooperated, and laughter was shared by all. The best part was screaming as the rafts lurched over the rapids or whenever a water fight happened cmake. Screaming is an excellent way to release frustration and fear so that it doesn’t get stuck in the muscles and connective tissue. With […Read More]

Happy Birthday David (Oct 1996)

October … a time to get ready for winter and a time to start celebrating family birthdays. Twice a month till Christmas we ate cake and opened presents as children. I came from a large family and a small neighbourhood so special occasions meant that everyone got invited. Sorting through slides this summer allowed me to observe myself and my brothers through the many stages of youth and helped remind me of the fun times we shared. Having these pictures stimulates my forgotten memories and makes designing the front cover easy. As the photographer, my Mom is delighted to see each month’s front cover and follows my Musings with great interest Download classic albums. I love hearing the interesting stories that people tell me as they resonate with a certain picture. They keep asking me if I am going to run out of photographs … someday, but by then my […Read More]