2005 to 2008

Whatsun Lake Retreat (Aug 2006)

The front cover shows the Whatshan Lake Retreat near Edgewood and was suggested by David Cursons, who used to write environmental articles for Issues in the early 90’s. He has a cabin near Whatshan Lake and thought they deserved some recognition for their coordinated efforts and labours of love. The Doukhobor community that lives in the Kootenays wanted to commemorate their arrival in Canada after being exiled from Russia with projects of Peace. In 1898 they refused to go to war and instead burned their guns so the Czar punished many with death and shipped the rest to Canada. I can’t imagine the hardships they went through but their belief system has endured and today they use their spare energy and cash so they can attend meetings and cooperatively build a better tomorrow. Some of the same members also built the Brilliant Cultural Center and are now spearheading the Seniors […Read More]

Our Wedding (Oct 2006)

This month’s cover photo was taken at our wedding which took place on September 3 on the lawn in front of the Retreat Center at Johnson’s Landing. Richard organized the ceremony starting Saturday with non-competitive games, circle dancing and then an after dinner a sing-a-long followed by fireworks. After breakfast on Sunday, the women had time to get dressed as the men practiced drumming down at the Group Room. They drummed their way up the hill and into the center of the women dancing on the lawn, a joining of the masculine and feminine forces. Afterwards we danced to one of my favorite circle dances entitled ‘As One.’ The words are so lovely I will share them…As One we walk this Earth together, As One we sing to her our song, As One we love her, As One we heal her. Her heart beats with our own As One. The […Read More]

Eileen’s Caravan at Findhorn (Dec 2006)

The front cover photograph shows me as a tourist at the Findhorn community in Scotland, standing in front of Eileen and Peter Caddy’s caravan. It is still in the same location where it was parked over forty years ago while Peter waited to return to his job at the Cluny Hill Hotel. Today, the caravan is the office of the Spiritual Practice program focalizers, but in the early years, Eileen and her friend Joan cooked meals for fifteen people out of that little kitchen. Dorothy Mclean, the third co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation, lived in the addition attached to the trailer just behind me. The insert shows the new entrance sign leading into The Park. It represents the ever-expanding wider community that supports the ideals of the New Age movement and their EcoVillage. The picture of me on this page was taken in front of the doors to the Universal […Read More]

Adi Vajra Shambhasalem Ashram (Feb 2007)

Meditation places are appearing around BC and each group, in its own special way, contributes to the feeling of oneness so that peace can prevail on the planet. This month’s front cover introduces the Adi Vajra Shambhasalem Ashram in the Cranbrook area. For more information, please read page 10. In honor of Eileen Caddy, who died peacefully in her home at the Findhorn Community in Scotland on December 13, 2006 at the age of 89, I would like to continue telling the story of the community she founded because of her trust in the Divine. To celebrate her passing into the light, let me start with one her many quotes from one of her many books: “You have a tremendous work to do. It is the silent work of creating more love in the world.” I am still reading the books I acquired at Findhorn, and even re-reading others now […Read More]

Tai Chi on the Lawn (Apr 2007)

The front cover is a photograph of “a group of committed citizens changing the world.” It was taken during one of the annual Kootenay Lake Tai Chi Camps. Camp founder Eric Eastman stopped hosting this event a few years ago. Harold Hajime Naka, who was part of the Camp for many years, was so disappointed. During my distribution route last spring, he had just finished teaching a class, so I stopped to chat for a few minutes and listened to him lament the loss. We then talked about options and what it would take if he or someone else were to take it over. This winter when we were doing some programming, I mentioned my conversation to Richard, who got really excited and suggested that the Retreat Center host it. He then phoned Eric, who loved the idea. We now have four instructors busy spreading the word with Hajime writing […Read More]

Clear Sky Meditation (Jun 2007)

The front cover introduces you the Clear Sky Meditation and Study Center, near Fort Steele, which opened its doors in the summer of 2005. Details are on page 14.This is the second spiritual organization that has built in the Cranbrook area and now the Ishaya’s are developing land on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. I have not found the time to visit either of these new Centers but I hope to when I travel in that direction. It is great to see so many Light Centers popping up all over the land. My spare time lately has been taken up with planting the garden and organizing the Spring Festival of Awareness. Being of service is something I enjoy, for it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. It weaves my personal life into the work I do for the world and brings a sense of the Divine into it. […Read More]

Marshall Rosenberg in Nelson (Aug 2007)

This month’s front cover is a picture of my husband Richard and Marshall Rosenberg, writer and creator of the Non-Violent Communication Trainings. They are playing with Marshalls puppets, the jackal and the giraffe. Marshall uses these animals as a symbolic representation of two very different communication styles. The jackal is critical and antagonistic, while the giraffe brims with empathy and compassion. In his seminars and literature, Marshall teaches us how to improve communication through speaking about our needs in a gentle, non-invasive way, which promotes genuine understanding of and by our fellow human beings. I have listened to Marshalls CD’s many times and I like what he has to say. Marshall makes it clear that when we are angry, it is never the other person who makes us angry; rather this anger is a signal that some basic need of our own is not being fulfilled. Since we have only […Read More]

Colleen McCrory in Germany (Oct 2007)

After four years of introducing you to regional Retreat Centers, Ashrams and Meditation Centers – places that empower people – we are now featuring people … special people who empower others to be all that they can be. Being passionate about life is the best way I know to be of service, and I am happy to be able to recognize and showcase valuable role models that we can emulate if we choose. Marshall Rosenberg, who founded The Center for Nonviolent Communication, was featured last month, and Colleen McCrory is this month’s inspirational person. Colleen died recently after thirty years of service as an environmentalist. She and her brother Wayne helped co-found the Valhalla Wilderness Society which has spearheaded campaigns that now protect over 1.2 million acres of land. Colleen was ‘just’ a housewife living in the Kootenays. She had no training nor role models to follow … just her […Read More]

Maude Barlow in Kelowna (Dec 2007)

On the front cover is Maude Barlow, chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and Bob Ages, treasurer, enjoying the presentation Troops out of Afghanistan along with approximately 200 people, including the Raging Grannies of Kelowna, on Saturday, October 27. Maude learned early in life to empower herself, and now she is empowering many people to speak clearly to our government about our rights. I drove to Kelowna on Friday, October 26, to listen to her speak and joined a conference room filled with social justice activists from across Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is great and important that she travels around the world exposing the secrecy of the World Bank/WTO and multi-national corporations. I was delighted Maude’s group chose Kelowna as the site for their 22nd annual AGM. Maude was joined by Wenona Hauter, Executive Director of Food and Water Watch in Washington, DC and Claudia Campero Arena, […Read More]