2013 to 2018

Fry Creek Canyon (Feb – Apr 2013)

The front cover is a photo of the Fry Creek Canyon in the West Kootenays. This photo show the water level at its lowest, before the spring run-off covers much of the rocks you now see windows 7 sp2 다운로드. Water always finds the lowest point to flow back to source. Slowly it erodes everything in its way, but it can also move tons of soil in a few minutes, as the Johnson’s Landing landslide proved last July 나쁜형사 다운로드. After one of the wettest springs ever, the land could no longer hold the extra water and let go. Even if there are more mud slides this spring, the path to the lake is so cleaned out that it should not overflow its banks again pc security in public institutions. The road crew put in huge culverts where the creek crosses the road, allowing for the spring run-off and extra […Read More]

Tess Tessier Passes (May – Sep 2013)

The picture on the cover is my Mom, Tess Tessier, taken when she was 17 years old. The picture here was taken in Terrace at the age of 87 when I visited her in February. Mom was happy to have a chauffeur as she had given up her driver’s license the year before and did not like depending on other people to drive her around. While I was there, Mom decided she wanted to come to visit me in the Kootenays for a while, and maybe even learn to use a computer. She was not feeling so peppy and occasionally she had been experiencing an accelerated heart rate and dizzy spells web page. Perhaps she sensed that something was happening, for just as I was about to leave on the plane, she looked me in the eye and said, “I want to die near you.” I said, “Whatever, the little […Read More]

Roofing the Dome (Oct – Dec 2013 & Jan 2014)

The picture on the cover shows Richard, Eveleigh, and myself on the roof of our new dome. Eveleigh, a volunteer, is holding the heat gun that is used to seal the thermo-plastic roofing membrane. The last seam was sealed in place just as some heavy rain started, near the beginning of September. Measuring and cutting the 75 triangles was easy and reminded me of the days when I cut quilt patterns. When Don Lee suggested the idea four years ago, Richard jumped at the chance to learn more about building and has put his heart and soul into completing the dome reddit gif. Next are the back porch, doors, windows, insulation and finishing off the dome inside. We hope to have it ready for next season as a second workshop space. I am glad that the marathon roofing project is complete and I have time to get Issues to print. […Read More]

Peacock at Naramata (Feb – May 2014)

This month’s cover photo was taken at the Naramata Centre as I was walking between workshops at last year’s Spring Festival of Awareness. One of their three male peacocks decided to go into full display and rotated in a circle several times, showing his opulent feathers. I took several photos and made a video as he performed for several minutes. I am grateful, for over the years I have tried but never got a photo like this 건담 오리진 다운로드. I really wanted to put Nelson Mandela on the cover as he is one of my heroes, but that is something I don’t normally do, as I prefer Issues to have a local focus. But I did create a page within in his honour so that people can be inspired to continue his legacy. Thank goodness apartheid is no longer legal, though sadly it still lingers in many a mind […Read More]

Reflecting on Kuan Yin and Past Festivals at Naramata Center (Jun – Sep 2014)

Last month, I completed a task that I thought about 25 years ago when I started Issues magazine. I got the feeling I should save several copies of each edition and copy all of my Musing columns into one file. Over the years I have been faithful to that guidance and even when my computers changed, I updated the files so my fonts were readable by the new operating system. I figure I must be one of the original bloggers – I just did it before it was “the thing to do.” I do not really know why I should document my life but my angels think it is important 갱스터리오 드롭박스 다운로드. My mind thinks it is to encourage others to listen to their inner guidance by providing real-life examples of a busy lady who combines inner growth with her many chores. Sharing experiences helps us realize we are […Read More]

Garlic Festival (Oct – Dec 2014 & Jan 2015)

The cover photo features the 20th annual Garlic Festival held in New Denver every September. If you noticed the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center banner over one of the booths, it was because we were there selling garlic. We are certified Kootenay Mountain Grown, having joined a group of farmers who use organic farming methods. We are now preparing for winter, so I am layering the garden with cardboard and straw to suppress the weeds and provide food for my earthworms. I have to smile at myself and my angels at the amount of time it takes to do this. Working in the garden sure has increased my appreciation for the culture and ecology of our soil and the creatures that make life possible for us humans Download the contourline. When I lived in Penticton, I composted all the carrot pulp from The Juicy Carrot restaurant as I have always recycled. […Read More]

Young visitors from Waldorf School (Feb – May 2015)

This picture of me was taken this December as I planted the last of the garlic. I planted late because some of the orchard grass grew large, and it was slow digging as the grass roots were entwined with the potatoes. Eventually, Richard came in with his small excavator and loosened the ground so we could finish the weeding. The second hard frost of the season was coming, so I covered the ground with plastic. When the weather warmed up and the bits of snow melted, I got a chance to finish the job! The plastic kept the soil from freezing hard and magnified the heat of the winter sun Download chrome version 71. By noon each day, it was warm enough to dig and it was lovely to be out in the sun. Soon however, I realized how cold my knees were, so the second and third day I […Read More]

New Spring Festivals Location (Jun – Sep 2015)

The cover photo shows Theresa Lee teaching her Planetary Gong workshop in the Group Room of the Retreat Center. I assume you know that everything vibrates, be it a table or a rose. Vibrational energy contributes to our well-being, and every thought has a vibration. Be it a low or high vibe, each of us influences the next. As we tune in to the natural harmonics of the Earth, moon, sun and planets, the gongs or singing bowls resonate the frequency needed to find harmony and balance the energy levels in our bodies. For many, many years, Therese LaForge has brought her crystal bowls to the Naramata festivals. At Johnson’s Landing we had both her precious singing bowls and Theresa’s Planetary gongs, so it was an uplifting vibrational weekend for all of us 비공개 비메오 다운로드. Since I can no longer rent the Naramata Centre, we decided to split the […Read More]

Summer Days at the Retreat Center (Oct – Dec 2015 & Jan 2016)

The cover shows the last hot days of summer as the Wise Women’s Festival was about to start at Johnson’s Landing. Our cat was lounging near the Buddha statue on the deck of the lodge and in the background, the mountains are hazy because of the many fires burning. About 30 ladies showed up from around BC and AB and each was delighted when it rained, clearing the smoke from the atmosphere, making breathing easier. Magic happens at every Festival, which is the reason I keep hosting them. Each person hears or receives answers they are seeking. The presenters have much knowledge that they share openly and honestly, and I find that networking and being with like-minded souls increases my ability to thrive in this challenging world 가능한 다운로드. By the time you read this, we will have completed our second Wise Women’s Festival in Penticton. Since we did not […Read More]