Musing With Angele

1989-1 July & August New Beginnings
Thank you for taking the time to check out Musings Download copyright law. The last twenty years of my blog and images are to the right in two or three year segments. In 1989 my angels suggested I write an article for each edition of Issues Magazine open cloud. When I asked what to call it, they said ‘Musings.’ To which I replied “I will look that word up in the dictionary and if it means anything, I will do my best.”

My writing skills have evolved with help from Diana Holland, a wonderful lady from Vancouver .net reflector. I was doing promo work and she had an upcoming meditation weekend that she wanted people to know about. She read my latest Musings and asked about my writing style laptop music. I must have looked puzzled, as she said “I am an instructor for the Knowledge Network, why don’t you send me your thoughts on paper and I will help them to read well.” She then encouraged me by saying “You have a unique style and it would be good to keep your thoughts original 그로자마우스 소프트웨어 다운로드. I am grateful for her twenty plus years of editing and my endurance to continue year after year, putting my thoughts on paper.

My Mom was thrilled to have her photos used for the front covers as she always wanted to publish a book on homesteading, after all she took many photos and often developed them, after we went to bed 멜로망스 인사 다운로드. Dad complained about the time and cost but she had a love for photography and a very good camera. She would be happy to know her old photos are now online and you get a glimpse of my life through the many changes if you wish to read any of my old articles Undertail. I used her photos for about ten years and then it seemed time to modernize, as colour printing was becoming affordable.

The picture of me above is one of my favorites java 엑셀 파일 다운로드. When I saw the gorgeous coloured stained glass that are the front door to the main hall at the Findhorn Foundation, I plopped myself on the floor and said to Richard, I want to see what I look like with wings putty ssh 다운로드. Even my rain jacket, which I only wore one day, matched the wings.

When I was about ten years old, someone visited our family in Rosswood, BC with a book of names and their meaning jenkins 플러그인 다운로드. When they read out Angele, it meant messenger of God. I remember nodding my head emphatically and saying “Yep, thats me.”
These days I feel like I am working on my wings as I work diligently to create Heaven on Earth. I can remember a time when talking so openly about angels or hearing voices could have been fatal. Thank goodness for my angels and humanities wish to “Become the world, we want to see.”